Bamboo Marketing For Accountants

Bamboo Marketing

The Bamboo Marketing For Accountants CD set is the route map to marketing success for accountants in practice.

It was created by Paul Shrimpling, and features his very best advice on how to grow your practice.

It consists of 8 CDs…

Bamboo Marketing CDs spread out

…which come in a handsome slip case…

BM4A Box

It also comes with a handbook that’s packed with examples, case studies, and illustrations to help you remember to implement the ideas…

3 Bamboo handbook pages

Why is the CD set called ‘Bamboo’ Marketing? Because of the remarkable way that bamboo can grow at an extraordinary rate once its roots are firmly established. And that’s the kind of growth you can expect once you put Paul’s ideas into practice in your firm.

Here are 3 audio extracts for you.

Extract 1: Deep sea divers guidance! (1 min 7 seconds)


Extract 2: 4  Making your firm irresistible (2 mins 50 seconds)


Extract 3: Your part-time marketing team (4 mins 48 seconds)


Here are 5 testimonials from owners of Bamboo Marketing


Thorne Widgery


“I’m really enjoying the Bamboo Marketing CDs. They’re fantastic. I’ve got to CD 7 and once I’ve been through the remainder, I intend to start again and make detailed notes. A very well done, and thank you for producing a fantastic piece of guidance. Accountancy firms can’t afford not to take advantage of your advice.” – Shahzad Nawaz, AA Chartered Accountants, Peterborough

“Bamboo Marketing is an essential part of the marketing toolkit for any forward looking accountancy firm. Anybody who wants to grow their practise in a systematic and yet common sense, down-to-earth way should be taking on board the Bamboo Marketing strategies.” – Sean Farnell, Burgis Bullock, Leamington Spa

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