Business Bitesize…greater word-of-mouth referrals

Want greater word-of-mouth referrals and a competitive edge so you can grow your accountancy firm?

What if you gave ALL your clients, prospects and introducers a positive uplifting reason to refer your firm to other business owners 6 times a year?

You can with business bitesize – but only if your region is still available…

business bitesize is a simple, easy-to-execute way to impress your clients, prospects and introducers.  Impress them and you generate positive word-of-mouth referrals about your firm and ultimately win your firm more new clients.

…and you can make it all happen without using up your valuable time.

Go here if you want to see videos of four firms using Business Bitesize and making it pay off for their firm

…business bitesize has to be regionally exclusive if you’re going to gain a competitive advantage in your region from using the business bitesize service.

Regional exclusivity gives you the competitive edge

UK mapIt’s our commitment to work with just one firm in 65 regions across the UK in 2015

36 regions are already committed, 29 regions remain, you can see if your region is available when you look here..

There’s more to see…

  • As well as seeing if your region is available you’ll also see how your own-branded business bitesize library website works… Click here to see an example of Pentlands library page
  • You’ll see real-life examples of business bitesize working for other firms and a few comments from partners who see it working for their firm
  • There’s three price points with three service levels to choose from
  • And you’ll see how easy it is to try it out without any long term contractual commitment

You’ll receive a mailing pack jammed with lots of detail and physical examples so you can see foryourself the value of Buisness Bitesize –  find all the details here…