Remarkable Business Books For Accountants

“Knowledge is power” they say!

They’d be completely wrong of course!

The application of knowledge is power. It’s what you do with your knowledge which brings you rewards.

At Remarkable Practice we are passionate about learning and applying our new-found knowledge and sharing it around too.

Paul Shrimpling, our MD, is a bit crazy on this one and reads loads of books. Sometimes he reads a book worthy of notice (remarkable). When he does he stores them here so we can see what’s worth our attention.

There’s a lot in here now so we’ve categorized them for you.

Is there an aspect of your accountancy practice you want help, guidance or inspiration on?

Here’s access to Paul’s book choices to help you in these 6 areas:

  1. Leadership Books For Accountants
  2. Marketing Books For Accountants
  3. Customer Care Books For Accountants
  4. Sales Books For Accountants
  5. Team Building Books For Accountants
  6. Practice Management Books For Accountants

And of course you can see how these books are influencing Paul, how they are being applied in the accountancy firms he works with by following his LinkedIn discussions here and his blogs here

And of course if you have a book you think we should be reading or a course you think we should be attending please let us know won’t you?

Happy reading – and applying what you learn of course!



Business Books for Accountants