Want greater word-of-mouth referrals and a competitive edge for your firm of accountants?

Here are 3 substantial wins for your accountancy firm…

Business Bitesize

  1.  Help turn high-value prospects into paying clients
  2. Demonstrate a competitive difference in your local business community
  3. Deliver regular, without-fail marketing, using next to none of your time

‘Business Bitesize’ is…

a simple, easy-to-execute way to improve client relationships, increase the positive word-of-mouth about your firm and ultimately win you more new clients. And it takes almost none of your time up too…

Subscribe to ‘Business Bitesize‘ and it all happens for you. Systematically every edition is customised with your logo and brand colour, it gets delivered to all your clients, prospects and introducers, your webpage is updated for you. Plus you have…

A competitive edge – regional exclusivity

Regional exclusivity of the ‘Business Bitesize’ service means you are the only firm in your area able to promote it. Your competition can’t, you are seen as different and valuable. See below for the areas already locked-out and whether your area is still free…


  1. Send all your contacts world-class business insights from a world class business book regularly – every 2 months
  2. Make it quick and easy to read – in the time it takes to drink a cup of tea or coffee
  3. Make it look attractive
  4. Watch closely who opens your emails and who opens your copy of  ‘Business Bitesize’

‘Business Bitesize’ is an own-branded report service designed to impress your clients, prospects and introducers. It’s packed with relevant, high-value insight from some of the worlds-best business books. And these reports can be read in the time it takes you and your contacts to drink a cup of tea or coffee – simple, quick, valuable. You can then email this to all your clients all your prospects and all your introducers.

Save time…

If you want to make it quicker and easier we can do the email delivery for you.


Share world-class business insights with your clients, share information to radically improve their business. Your clients and contacts get a valuable resource and will talk more positively about you and your firm more often.

[stextbox id=”stb_style_526082″ shadow=”true”] When you get your clients to talk positively about you and your firm:

  • Your clients are more committed to staying with your firm and they’ll be promoting your firm too
  • Your clients will be helping your firm find new clients through word of mouth recommendation…and your firm grows…


Here’s how the ‘Business Bitesize’ service can work for your firm: [stextbox id=”stb_style_526082″ shadow=”true”] REGIONAL EXCLUSIVITY

You get regional exclusivity to give you a competitive advantage over other local firms. As soon as you subscribe to ‘Business Bitesize’ the competition in your region are locked out, you have exclusive use in your region. There’s approximately 93 regions available in the UK 23 are locked out already.

Here are the regions already locked-out – is your area still available?

  1. Accrington, Burnley, Haslingden
  2. Ashby-de-la-Zouch, Burton on Trent, Castle Donnington, Coalville
  3. Barking, Illford, Romford
  4. Belper, Derby
  5. Bolton, Bury, Prestwich, Swinton
  6. Braintree
  7. Bude, Bodmin, Padstow, Newquay, Wadebridge
  8. Burnham-on-Crouch, Canvey Island, Maldon
  9. Byfleet
  10. Chippenham, Corsham, Melksham
  11. Crayford, Dartford, Northfleet, Swanley
  12. Edinburgh
  13. Exeter, Torquay
  14. Falmouth, Redruth, Truro
  15. Glasgow – east
  16. Hawick, Kelso, Peebles, Selkirk
  17. Hereford, Leominster, Ledbury, Ross-on-Wye
  18. Kegworth, Loughborough
  19. Kenilworth, Leamington Spa, Warwick
  20. Newcastle
  21. Peterborough, Stamford
  22. South Leeds, Castleford, Pontefract
  23. Watford, Rickmansworth

To reserve your area and block off your competition now…

email kate@remarkablepractice.com


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To save you time and effort your reports can be emailed to all your clients and contacts without fail every 2 months (you simply approve the email). You’ll also receive regular, easy-to-understand reports to show you who opens and who views your ‘Business Bitesize’ for follow up by your team. If you prefer to do the distribution yourself you’ll receive the email and twitter copy for promoting your new edition of ‘Business Bitesize’ to all your contacts.


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You can make your website more productive, and grow your prospective customer lists, by adding the web-form-data-capture process to your website – we’ve done all the hard work for you. You can keep your website looking fresh with every new ‘Business Bitesize’ cover being displayed on your webpage – it is updated automatically with every new edition of ‘Business Bitesize’ and helps drive prospects to request your ‘Business Bitesize’ service – so building your list of prospects


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Client versions of BBS 2


Increase the flow of referrals by sharing your own-branded reports with all your clients and contacts 6 times a year. You have the option to have print copies that you can physically give to your clients, prospects and introducers. Adding value to your prospects meetings, events and direct mail packages.

Your Business Bitesize, your branding, your colour, your logo, your details.


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Your own branded ‘Business Bitesize’ library webpage is updated with a new report automatically every 2 months. All the work is done for you including the email and twitter copy for promoting your new edition of ‘Business Bitesize’ to all your contacts.


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BBS support material image BI-MONTHLY SUPPORT TOOLS

Your contacts can take action from immediately and will want to share with others and spread the word of mouth about your firm




Your Next Steps

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Your investment – depends on the service level you choose:


‘Business Bitesize’  is limited to approximately 57 regions in the UK so you can be seen as different when you put ‘Business Bitesize’ to work for your firm. We are in discussion with a number of firms about their region – if you want to secure your region or find out more and discuss the suitability of ‘Business Bitesize’ for your firm please call Fran at 01773 821689