How much do you spend on marketing your firm?

And how much ‘bang for your buck’ do you get?

Do you often feel like you’re spending more and more on marketing, but the profits and success of your firm does not grow relative to this spend?

  • you may be getting visitors to your website, but the majority take no action
  • it could be that you’ve written a brochure, marketing your products and services, but nothing has happened, even though you sent the brochure to everybody
  • or maybe you’ve hosted events and cannot get enough people to show up or take action at these events

Remember the old selling adage that goes like this: “facts tell… stories sell”

We all have an insatiable appetite for stories, and storytelling, in addition to being an important strategic tool, can also be an important tactical tool that lets you engage with your clients.

And the simple use of telling your story, your purpose and your promise does not mean increasing your marketing spend – just adjusting your marketing focus.

In this fragmented social-media world we live in now where there are so many different ways to communicate, clients want to feel an emotional connection with who they buy from - but remember clients are savvy now, they are looking for something different, a different marketing message.

Why should your clients choose your products and services?

Why should a client give you their time and money?

Storytelling isn’t just a creative approach to marketing. It gives your clients a totally different entry to your firm and your brand.

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