The Importance of Business Goal-Setting Presentation Pack

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For growing your reputation and building a flow of referrals through great presentations

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The Importance of Business Goal-Setting Presentation Pack – £335.00 plus VAT

This workshop was recently created in tandem with Pentlands – a 2-director firm in the Midlands. Elinor from Pentlands has run this workshop and has this to say:

“The structure and content of the workshop worked brilliantly with an audience of 15 business owners. The exercises worked very well and gave me a breather too! Feedback was excellent and I have a couple of appointments with prospective clients as a result of the event. The workbook gave the delegates something to take away and to capture the most valuable pointers of the workshop. Can’t wait to do it again.”

What’s included:

  1. A 55 slide PowerPoint presentation with notes on how each slide should be presented – this is logo free for you to use on your firm’s PowerPoint template
  2. A pdf sample of the presentation already delivered by Pentlands so you can see what the finished presentation looks like using a graphic template in your powerpoint
  3. A summary of the outcomes from Pentlands experience of running this presentation
  4. A sample pdf workbook you could reproduce to use at your workshop – including a feedback form.
  5. A suggested sales letter to use in your event marketing

Read what Paul from Cornish Accounting had to say about his Goal Setting Workshop…

“I completed my first workshop yesterday (January 2013) for 7 businesses including 2 prospects. I charged £119 (plus vat) to each one, including a follow up meeting. I am convinced that this will generate additional fees from it and hopefully convert the prospects into customers. It was Paul (Remarkable Practice) that gave me the nudge to do it in January (2013) and I am planning my second workshop in February (2013)”

This is a tried-and-tested workshop.

YOUR PEACE-OF-MIND, MONEY BACK PROMISE: If you are not absolutely convinced the resources provided have saved you many hours of research and preparation time and help you deliver a remarkable presentation then guess what?! We want you to ask for your money back and we’ll return it with our thanks for checking it out.