We are all surrounded by stories or tales. In fact, over half of our conversations come in the form of stories.

Even though most accountancy firms run on hard data and facts, it is in fact true that you, your team, your clients and competitors are as receptive to stories as they are to the facts.

This is because stories help us relate, they allow us to empathise, and they allow our brains to process information in a form that is more digestible and memorable.

Think of the last client meeting, zoom call, presentation or business function you went to, you’ll likely remember a funny anecdote or business story you were told, perhaps more likely than you remember the numbers from that meeting, the facts and figures?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could harness the power of storytelling to use in your marketing and grow your firm, your client numbers and your profits?

What if you could achieve more sales for the same marketing time, same marketing effort and same marketing spend…

You can make your marketing work harder for you when your marketing messages put the power of storytelling to work.

Remember everyone loves a story…

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