You are familiar with persuasion – getting someone to do something you want them to do.

But have you heard of PRE-suasion?

One of the most difficult tasks when you are trying to sell your products and services to your clients, is to get them to focus on what you are saying, what you are selling and your actual offer.

You may have the best product or service, you may have the best offer, but there are so many outside influences to disrupt the decision-making process along the way that it is hard to get your clients to pay attention to your message.

To persuade effectively, you need to direct their attention and focus - before you deliver the action of persuading them to buy what you have to offer.

Because it’s much harder to change someone’s mind once they have decided on a course of action, your chances of persuading them to choose you over the competition are massively improved if you move them in the direction of agreeing to your offer BEFORE you seek the approval and sale.

This is called PRE-suasion.

Like Sun Tzu (ancient military strategist) suggests:

“Every battle is won before it is even fought”

And although persuading your customer to choose you over your competition isn’t a battle, the persuasive point being made here is:

“It’s what you say BEFORE you say what you want to say, that really matters”

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