Remarkable Products

1. Preserve the loyalty of your firm’s existing clients and boost the growth of your firm when you share bitesize business breakthroughs:

1. If you don't regularly prove to clients that you care, you put client loyalty at risk

2. To win new clients you have to prove that you're better than your competition

3. Downward pressure on fees is inevitable if you fail to deliver value to clients and prospects every month

Give clients and prospects high-value business breakthroughs for their business every month and you create a worthwhile competitive edge. You prove that you care about them and build value into your fees too. FInd out more...

2. Marketing Audit For Accountants

We’re going to be focussed on the KPI’s and marketing activities your report suggests and feel much more confident that we’re now on the right track for marketing Thompson Wright. It’s £167 truly well spent. Thank you.”

Richard Thompson
Thompson Wright

Here’s your chance to compare your firm's lead generation performance with the results from 109 other accountancy firms.

The Marketing Audit For Accountants gives you the performance of 13 marketing activities.

More importantly the report shows you the top 5 marketing tactics and how you should make the most of these 5.

The Marketing Audit For Accountants gives you the performance of 13 marketing activities.

3. Phone 1st Poster Offer

If you and your team picked up the phone more often when you needed to contact your clients would it make a difference to the rate that you get your tax returns turned around?

This is why we've had some great A2 size posters printed for use in your office to promote to your team the importance of using the phone 1st when communicating to your customers.  To get your hands on your copies then go HERE

4. Board meetings and advisory services for accountants

Every year Paul Shrimpling invests 120 days working with 20 firms of accountants.

If you like the idea of Paul acting as advisor, catalyst-for-change, sounding board for key decisions or as a driver for growth in your firm then please have a look first on our 'living proof' page. Paul enjoys working with partners and managers who are committed to taking action, are ambitious for growth and want to make a genuine and measurable difference to their business owner clients.

Like what you see and hear and your next step is to email or call Nickie on 01773 821689 to set up a provisional call with Paul.

5. Your route-map to greater sales and marketing success in your accountancy firm...

Bamboo Marketing For Accountants was created by Paul Shrimpling, and features his very best advice on how to grow your accountancy practice.

You'll be listening to studio-quality recordings of Paul sharing sales and marketing insights gleened from hundreds of sales and marketing meetings with partners, directors and owners of accountancy firms.

YOUR 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE: You'll find on every CD at least one thing that will stimulate fee and profit growth in your firm. If you don't simply ask for your money back within 12 months of your purchase. The digital workbook that accompanies the pack you see below is worth the purchase price in insights, ideas and practical to-do's.

Bamboo Marketing is an essential part of the marketing toolkit for any forward looking accountancy firm. Anybody who wants to grow their practise in a systematic and yet common sense, down-to-earth way should be taking on board the Bamboo Marketing For Accountants strategies.”

Sean Farnell
Burgis Bullock


6. For building your reputation through great presentations

Finally there’s Easy Presentations For Accountants.

This is a tried-and-tested system to help you deliver remarkable events for your prospects and clients


7. For compelling stories to help your firm win new clients

With Case Studies For Accountants you overcome the doubt in prospects’ minds when you prove you are for real.

Create a portfolio of well-written case studies to provide powerful proof and win more clients.

You can see many more recommendations for the work of Remarkable Practice at LinkedIn and on our Living Proof page.