Selling your practice

Want to grow through ACQUISITION, or ready to FIND A BUYER for your firm?

Do you need assistance getting the best price for a block of fees that no longer match your client criteria?

Are you seriously thinking of merging or selling your firm so the partners can realise the value they have created in the firm? Perhaps you want to expand your firm through acquisition?

Or do you want some guidance on preparing your firm for sale or merger or acquisition?

For a confidential sounding board for these largest of decisions then please email Paul direct at

If you prefer please call him on his personal mobile number 07815 307979.


  • Three sub-£1m firms sold off small blocks of fees in 2010/2011 to free up important team members for more important work. They also received a valuable cash injection from the sale too.
  • Five firms have seen partners (and key managers) leave and enable the firm’s to prosper afterwards.
  • Several firms are actively preparing their firm for sale at the best possible price.

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