What happens to your firm’s results when your clients think you do a magical job of taking care of them…

You win!

What happens to your firm when your clients think you do a miserable job of looking after them?

You lose!

Clearly client care deserves your attention, especially now they are facing unprecedently challenging times…

Does client care really come with a financial pay-off to your firm?

Let’s think?

If one of your clients has a magical experience then:

Are they more likely to buy from you again?

Are they more likely to pay slightly more?

Are they more likely to buy other products and services from you?

Are the more likely to recommend you to other people?

The answer to these questions is yes!

Improving your client care comes with significant financial benefit to your firm.

Here is a perfect example of a magical moment:

A colleague of mine is a regular in Pret a Manger and after several visits to the same one, a member of staff approached him and gave him a free green tea (his drink of choice on recent visits). He was not expecting it, nor did he ask for it.

It was a magical moment – rewarding him for his custom and loyalty.

For Pret a Manger it was merely a cup, a teabag and some hot water but for that customer it was so much more…

How often do you surprise your clients with a magical moment?

When was the last time you thanked your clients or rewarded them for their continued business and loyalty? This is even more important in these challenging times.

It was a small thing that Pret a Manger did, but this customer will go back, keep going back and tell everyone about it!

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