‘Pre-suasion’ is the art of influence by capturing and channelling attention to move people in your direction so that they are more willing to agree with your idea or offer before they encounter it!

How often in your firm have you used pre-suasion to influence a decision a client makes so that the outcome is favourable to you and your firm?

Remember its much harder to change someone’s mind once they have made their decision!

The key to persuading someone to decide in your favour is to prepare the ground before you present your offer. You need to ‘set the scene’.

Professor Robert Cialdini – eminent social psychologist - describes this best in his must-read book ‘Pre-suasion – A revolutionary way to influence and persuade’.

‘Know how to set the stage and get the desired result’.

‘Pre-suasion – the process of moving people in your direction to get them to be more willing to give assent to a process or idea before they even encounter it’.

Cialdini believes: ‘The highest achievers spend more time crafting what they do and say before making the request’.

Here is a perfect example of setting the scene with the right question to ensure the outcome is more favourable:

No-one really wants to stop for a street survey, do they?

So how do you drive survey responses from 29% of those asked up to 77%?

You put pre-suasion to work!

Ask them a question that puts their attention and focus on something relevant to what you want! Here’s how - When people are asked first: “Are you a helpful person?” they mostly respond positively.

And then, when asked if they would fill out a brief survey - 77.3% say yes.

A ‘helpful’ question first causes a small shift in attention – gives them a channel of focus – which makes people more likely to say yes to the survey.

The success of this survey is a perfect example of pre-suasion. Moving people in your direction BEFORE you even ask what you want to ask.

How can you use this example in your firm? Imagine if you could increase the percentage jump in your favour from 29% to 77% - worth a try, don’t you think?

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