Getting the job done is so important in any firm that sometimes it means you might not think of your clients’ experience of using your firm as often as you should.

However, when you and your team make client experience an obsession, you protect the future of your firm - thanks to a band of loyal clients…

But how can you create this culture of always considering your clients’ experience first?

Here are 2 examples of businesses creating a ‘customer/client experience first’ philosophy…

The Hotel Ritz Carlton were asked to manage the take-over of an existing hotel in Shanghai. The hotel needed extensive renovation, but with a project like that where do you start?

The manager started with the employee entrance.

This sent a clear message to the staff of how much they were valued to Hotel Ritz Carlton.

Their staff or internal customers (as they are called) were treated like VIPs, and this meant that they treated the external customers like VIPs too…

Wainwright Industries was a business losing money until the chairman became obsessed about creating a positive and enriching experience for his people, he became obsessed about ‘people first’ and in turn created a culture of customer experience obsession within the business, growing the sales of the business to more than £70m.

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